Matthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39

Saturday, November 3, 2012

He is our Home and Everything

When will heaven come?

I can't remember what my brother looks like.

I don't want to sleep in my bedroom alone.

This is dinner time at our house and I hate it sometimes.  I hate hearing how broken my daughter is, seeing the sadness in my husband's eyes when these quiet things are said, seeing her deep ache in missing her sweet brother and hearing her simple question of when, that we can't answer.

But I love it in the same breath, because nowadays we talk about things that truly matter.
We talk about heaven because it is our home.  We talk about seeing Jesus face to face because He is everything.  We talk about loving God and loving people because that is what God wants of us.
We talk about Gavin being more than okay now because his every need is met.

Tomorrow I am running a race.
And this race I still question God and ask Him on occasions, why are we on this life race Lord?
Tomorrow I am tackling 13.1 miles Lord willing because my son taught me to run.
Tomorrow I will simply run to run the race God has written for my family and I.
I will run to thank God for the three children He has placed into our family.
I will run because tomorrow is orphan sunday and we all can play a part in taking care of and loving orphans.
I will run and keep running because heaven is our home and Jesus is everything.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wise Preschool


We would love to have you join and partner alongside this great ministry.

Brice and Amanda Wurdeman moved to St. Vincent with their three children in December 2011.  They are missionaries on the island and the directors at Windward Islands School of Evangelism.  They have such great love and hearts for others. 
They have now started a preschool to reach more for Jesus.
Despite living the island life, some of these children come from poor homes.  And some of these homes are without electricity and running water.

Your $25 monthly sponsorship, your love, and your prayers will help with many things each day including:

*Help pay a helper teacher.  She is from St. Vincent and this is her very first job.  It helps provide for her family.
*Help children receive education and to be able to learn and play with other children their age in a safe and loving environment.
*Help children hear a Bible story and hear about Jesus’s great love for them.
*Help feed a snack to each child.
*Help pay for their school uniforms.
*Help pay for the fans and lights in the classroom.

Contact me for more information.  Thank you.
Janna Conklin