Matthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Haiti, we love you and are praying for you. We miss our students and friends and can't believe this is happening to a country already so lost and broken. Our prayers are with you and we love you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Can't believe we are leaving in just 8 days and we will be with Gavin in 9 days!
Most of you have been along our journey since we got called Oct 10th, 2009, that special phone call from Ted saying they had a beautiful 4 month old baby boy for us. They told us than that Gavin had a heart condition and that he most likely would need surgery. The month passed with news of emails and phone calls of Gavin not eating well, not gaining weight, not moving a lot because he just didn't have the energy. He spent weeks in the hospital to see if that could help him gain weight, he was loved by all the nurses! It was a hard few months being so far away from him, but we trusted Ted and Bev completely and knew the Lord was in control. They, along with Gavin's surgeon decided that surgery was needed so Nov 14th Gavin had heart surgery to repair the whole in his precious heart. It was hard again being away from him but we kept praying and knew that Jesus was with him, holding his hand when we could not. And I can't tell you how many pictures I have of Gavin with his Mama Bev and Papa Ted at the hospital. He is their baby boy too!
Since surgery, Gavin has been doing wonderful, eating well and gaining weight! And the word that was described this morning by sweet Allisyn Skiles was HYPER! My son was hyper today and I love to hear it, he was jumping up and down, giggling and smiling! It brings us so much joy and I cannot wait to see my hyper baby boy!
Thanks for all your prayers, keep them coming as we will be leaving our sweet Lyndlee next Monday afternoon, she gets to spend special time with grandparents. Tuesday morning we fly out of Springfield, arrive in Taipei Wed night to finally meet our sweet Gavin Pan.
Much love to you all.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plane tickets bought!

We bought our plane tickets today. We will be flying out of Springfield Jan 19th 9am, spending a few days at the orphanage in Lo-Tung, spending a few days in Taipei for our AIT adoption meeting and hopefully meeting Gavin's surgeon. We will be flying back into Springfield Jan 26th 7pm.
And more amazing news is that we might get the chance to meet Lyndlee's sister. She stops by the orphanage and helps so Mama Bev suggested we bring a framed picture of Lyndlee for her and mentioned the possibility of even getting to meet her. This is huge because ever since the passing of Lyndlee's birth mother in June 2009, we have been praying for the Lord to open the doors so that we can communicate and send things to Lyndlee's sister. God is good and faithful.
We are so excited and can't believe we will be with our son in just 15 days.
Thanks for everything, all the love, prayers, support and encouragement.
We can't wait to share Gavin with all of you.
The Lord bless you all.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We are going to Taiwan!

Just got an email today and we will be going to Taiwan in about 17 days to be with Gavin!
We have our appointment in Taipei on Jan 22nd, this will be our last thing we have to do before we can take Gavin home with us. Lord willing all our court papers will have come by that time, so please keep that in your prayers as we cannot have our appointment or leave with Gavin without these important papers.
Tentative plan is to fly to Taipei Jan 18th or 19th and fly back Tuesday night Jan 26th!
We are very excited and ready to meet our sweet Gavin. I am having a hard time thinking of leaving Lyndlee that long but know she will be just fine with all her grandparents!
Keep praying all our court papers arrive soon!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Final 1600A approval!

We have spent the last 9 days traveling around, had a great time seeing family/friends but are so very happy to be home.
Now to unpacking, laundry, cleaning, and starting to prepare for Taiwan!
In our mailbox was our final approval letter for our I600A! They mailed it to Taipei so all is set for us to travel back home with Gavin! We will have just a quick appointment there in Taipei to make sure all things are approved and ready. God is good!
We are anxiously awaiting the email from Ted saying we need to buy our plane tickets! We can't wait to finally hold our sweet Gavin in our arms.
Thanks again for all your love, support and prayers along our journey!
We love you all.