Matthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Texas, Roy Blunt & Dental Work

All the cousins together

My sweet blessings

Love my family

We had a great week in Texas with family. We spent the week at a lake house, all 24 of us! We got to spend some quality time together, relax together, and worship the Lord together as both my brothers led in worship! I am incredibly lucky to have my parents, my siblings and their sweet families who all love the Lord deeply. Best highlight was watching my nephew give his life to the Lord, and watching my older sister baptizing her son!
IRS saga continues and have I mentioned how I just want to be done with it all? I have wished so many times that the money wasn't even offered. I thought about the money selfishly and all the things we could buy. I thought about the money and how I could see the Lord blessing us with it to get out of debt completely. But I am just done with it all together but also know the IRS is not doing the right thing and that we need to fight them on this. Basically they aren't accepting a lot of our adoption receipts and are saying we owe them money now. They put in a letter all the receipts they didn't accept, and it is almost like a kid went through it and just picked which ones sounded good. I laugh as they are saying Secretary of State, why did you go there, expenses not accepted.
Yes, we love going to the Secretary of State and giving them tons of money for the fun of it :)
Anyways, they haven't called us back twice now so our brother in law, who also does our taxes, has encouraged us to take a stand. So next step is calling Roy Blunt. Seriously just want it all to be done now.
Lyndlee has all her hospital appointments set for her dental work and I would be lying if I didn't say I was already really anxious about it. I know this needs to happen but not excited that they have to put her under and that I can't be there because of work. Thankful Brennan can be there of course, and probably better he is and not me. This momma can't handle that stuff.
But I know God holds this all in His hands.
So ready for youth group to start up again in just a few weeks, so miss seeing our youth kids each week.