Matthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39

Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy Life

Hello to All!
We just got back from a 2 day camp in Mobery, Missouri.  It was a great time with first grade kids!  We were their missionaries for the week & got a lot of cute & funny questions asked about moving to Haiti.  My favorite was while in line for lunch today, this sweet little girl looked at me, handed me her Bible and said, "Missionary, can you please hold this for me!"  I just about started laughing but told her of course I would!  Lyndlee loved her very first camp time.  She practiced walking all over the camp grounds & would go to anyone that would hold her.  She even joined in on the clapping, singing & dancing with the campers.  Our favorite was today during meal time, all the kids were banging on the tables & singing goofy songs, & Lyndlee joined right in with banging on the tables, I couldn't believe my eyes & thought oh boy, we are in trouble!
We have some road trips planned for the next few weeks with friends & family to Mexico, St. Louis, Joplin & Texas!  Then will be home for 2 weeks, finishing up our packing for Haiti.  After that we will head to Joplin to live with my parents until we fly out middle of August!  
It feels like life is so crazy these days & I imagine it will only get crazier!  But we are ready & excited for it!  The Lord bless you all!  Much love.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Branson fun & back home to boxes!

                                                                    How cute are they?!!

                                                               Stuff to ship to Haiti
                                                               Silly Lyndlee
                                                                     Lyndlee & daddy
                                                 one of the sweet Acrobat girl with Lyndlee
                                                        he needs a few more kids to hold
                                                       Beautiful Chinese Children!
                                                       Lyndlee Jya-Ying

Well, this past weekend we spent in Branson with Jetts & Heardts who also adopted their babies from The Home of God's Love in Taiwan.  They have little Kyler & Ava, who Lyndlee adores & loves to spend time with, of course we love them as well, and consider them both siblings to our Lyndlee.  We went to the Chinese Acrobat Show & they performed just for families that have adopted Chinese babies so it was really awesome to see all these other Chinese children running around.  All three kids, mind you they are all close in age, all close to 1, sat for the entire 2 hour acrobat show & loved it.  It amazed us all.  Lyndlee only started to get a little restless because she kept looking back towards the back & could see the door & she is a go baby and kept pointing towards the door & would say Go!  
After that, we went to Silver Dollar City for the next day, now we weren't for sure how this would turn out, taking 3 one year old babies there but again, they surprised us all & did great! Sunday we hit some outlets stores & ate lunch & then departed our ways.  It was a great weekend with friends!
Then we came home to boxes!  Now that we thought they would be gone by the time we got home, it was just nice to get away from it for a few days.  We shipped our things early to Haiti this past Monday & are praying it all makes it there, guess we will know in August when we arrive! Living these past few weeks has been interesting to say the least, since we packed a lot of our stuff already.  The Lord is teaching us new ways to live!  For instance, Lyndlee is eating in her stroller for meals, since we had to ship her high chair, she doesn't mind, as long as she is getting her food!  Brennan is learning to take a shower with no curtain, he does mind that but I keep telling him just to take bubble baths like Lyndlee & I do, he says no thanks!  I am learning to make dinner with the few dishes, silverware, pots & pans that we have left.  We have learned to sleep with little pillows since we shipped those as well.  The list could go on & on but we are truly blessed!!  We have been sorting & packing for awhile now & come to realize just how blessed we are.  We have so many things, some things that are so silly, material things that mean nothing.  We are getting so excited for our journey to Haiti & for the Lord to use us there!  Please keep us in your prayers.  We have a busy next few months with some camps where we will be the missionaries, brother's wedding in Texas, visits to see friends/family before we leave, a new nephew being born next Tuesday.  Busy, busy times.
We love you all & pray you are well!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello family & friends,

We hope & pray you are all well. We wanted to send some updates on our life these days.
Lyndlee is doing wonderful, she is 13 months soon & getting into everything, not walking yet but well on her way. She still enjoys food so much, playing with her toys, loves bath time, she really is into reading/looking at books. She loves people, almost everywhere we go, she will find strangers, smile at them & hold her arms out to them which really puts us in a awkward situation because some people will often put there arms out to hold her! What a goof she is. Every Sunday when we pick her up from nursery, they always tell us the same few things: that she did great and that she loves to eat all their snacks. I pretty sure we owe them boxes & boxes of cereal!
About this time last year, we were getting all our adoption paperwork completed and August last year we were in Taiwan picking up our little Lyndlee. And now this summer brings about big changes for us again. We are headed to Haiti! So these next few months we will be busy packing & all that fun stuff and mid August will arrive in Haiti. We will be missionaries at Sonlight Academy. We will both be teaching & we are very excited for this and for the Lord to use us for His ministry there in Haiti.
Sonlight Academy's website is and we would love for you all to take a look and see the ministry going on there in Haiti.
Please let us know if you would like to be put on our newsletter list. And also let us know how you would want to receive it: email, facebook, mail.
Please be keeping us in your prayers as we begin to start this new journey in our lives.

We love you all.
Brennan, Janna & Lyndlee Jya-Ying