Matthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

13 more days of school

It is crazy for us to think that we only have 13 more days of school until Christmas break.  We are very excited to be able to come back to the states to see family & friends. We miss everyone & know everyone wants to see Lyndlee!  She is doing great.  She loves her preschool, her friends & teachers there, especially her best buddy Naiyah. Her teacher told me a story last night so I thought I would share.  Everyday before snack they pray, than the teacher will say, "Okay eat your snack, yum yum yum.  So now right after prayer, Lyndlee says yum yum yum!  She loves the snack, peanut butter on bread.  
Class is going well for both Brennan & I.  My kids were hyper these past 2 days!  We did a lot of fun thanksgiving art projects.  
Since I wrote last I visited an orphanage again.  This time I had to leave Lyndlee with Brennan at home, because my sister Julie sent over 50 pairs of flip flops for the kids at the orphanage.  So I asked 2 other teachers to help me get the shoes there.  The kids loved them & it was neat to be able to hand them out.  So there are some pictures from that visit.
We are so thankful for so many things, for having Lyndlee in our lives.  We are so blessed that she is our daughter.  We are so thankful to be here in Haiti & do be in good health. 
We love you all!
All for Him,
Janna, Brennan & Lyndlee Jya-Ying

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another week has gone by here in Haiti.  All is well here, we are getting excited about seeing family/friends in just about 30 some days!  Enjoy the new pictures.
Love to you all.
Janna, Brennan & Lyndlee Jya-Ying

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lyndlee is feeling better!  Thanks for all your prayers for her!  We love you all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Already?!

Hello Everyone,

Can't believe it is November, time flies here so quickly.  We are doing great.  We do find ourselves missing the cooler weather back in Columbia, the change of leaves, the pumpkins.  But than all we have to do is go on top of the school roof & look out & be okay.  We have a beautiful view of the ocean from there, I can't describe it in words so here is a picture for you to enjoy.  Every Saturday now we take time to do something different so I lay out & let me tell you, it was strange laying out knowing it is November.  Brennan plays baseball with our neighbor Brice, they pretend to have a whole game even though there are only 2 people playing, makes me laugh!  And Lyndlee, well she really loves to swing on the swing set at school so that is her thing to do!
Answered prayer:  the boat arrived!  Yippie.  They started unloading it today, it has 19 cars on it we were told, so it probably will still be about 1-2 weeks before we get our things but still, the boat is here in Haiti!  
Blessing: Last night there was a fire in the garages that are underneath our apartments but everyone is safe.  There garages hold extra furniture, freezers, tools, etc. Some wiring caught on fire, and thus caught some mattresses on fire.  The only thing left of the mattresses is the mostly the springs, picture is included.  Also one of the garage door melted.  It was a blessing that the walls & floor were cement so that the fire didn't spread quickly.  The men worked hard all yesterday afternoon & today, putting the fire out & cleaning everything up.  We are blessed that everyone was safe & that little damage was done.  Right now we have all our electricity but hot water & a working stove but we are blessed!
Exciting news for Lyndlee & Naiyah is that the school dog had puppies, so included is a picture of them petting one of the puppies, it is an everyday thing for them.  Also I thought the picture of them is cute by the school gate. They love school so much that they were trying to break down the gate to get in!!
Prayer Requests:  Continued good health for our family, that we can bring in our monthly support, all the teachers & students at Sonlight, Roger & Norma Alexander as they are away for 3 weeks.
Enjoy the pictures, much love to you all.
All for Him,
Janna, Brennan & Lyndlee Jya-Ying