Matthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Gavin Is 2!

I love my boy!

First picture with mommy

First picture with daddy

First time seeing sister Lyndlee

This a special post for my baby boy Gavin Pan. He turned 2 on June 9th and I missed his birthday since I was in Cambodia. It was so hard to be away from him on his special day but I knew the Lord was asking me to go serve.
I love my baby boy and am so glad he is in our life. I remember the day we got called from Ted and Bev like it was just yesterday. October 10, 2009 they called to tell us they had a very special baby boy for us. And then they proceeded to tell us about our son. We were so joyful and overwhelmed at God's goodness. And we learned that Gavin had a hole in his heart and that he was struggling to eat and gain weight. And that started the hardest month of our lives, as we waited by the phone and computer to hear about numerous doctor appointments he would have in Taiwan. And then came his heart surgery end of November 2009. He had such great care from his doctors, nurses, sweet Ted and Bev. Though it was so hard to be away, we knew he was in great hands and that the Lord was holding him. And January 2010 he officially became our son!
I remember the day we got home from Taiwan with our sweet boy. He was still so small and had little energy. And being able to watch all his progress has been such an amazing thing. To think this sweet boy would just lay down, that he didn't lift his feet, that he didn't eat, that he didn't cry because he just didn't have energy. And now this boy moves all the time, he is constantly running, he eats all the time and he is constantly making noises! I love it and what joy he brings to our lives.
We have a picture of Gavin on our fridge before surgery to remind us how God has brought him through so much already in his young life. What a miracle baby he is! God is good!
He had a loving young mother who carried him safely in her belly and then brought him to the Home of God's Love so that he could be adopted. He was loved and cared by some of the greatest people I know, Ted and Bev Skiles. Ted and Gavin got so close and I remember the day we took Gavin to the U.S. and Ted just cried and cried, saying he knew he was supposed to be the strong one but that he loved Gavin so very much. You could sense their bond, you could feel it and it was precious. Ted could make Gavin laugh like no one could. A few months after that day Gavin was only 10 months old but he saw a man that looked identical to Ted. And Gavin's face lit up and he was just watching this man, waiting for him to smile at Gavin and play games as Ted did! Such a loving bond they have and I can't wait to one day go back to Taiwan and let them reunite again.
And sweet Bev, she prayed over him, rocked him, sang to him, cried with him at the hospital and all his appointments, and just loved him dearly.
What a joy you are Gavin Pan and we are so incredibly blessed to have you in our family! So thankful we get to watch you grow up, to be strong and healthy and to teach you about Jesus!
We love you sweet baby boy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Angkor Wat Palace

Precious flip flops of a sweet girl at Rapha


Precious children at Kid's Club

Group picture at Women's Island


Well we made it, my family made it 3 weeks apart. It was hard but we are so grateful that God allowed us to go on these awesome trips where we saw so many things and soaked up all that God had to teach us. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine my husband and I being able to travel to Israel and Cambodia in the same month and being able to afford it on a minister's salary. But God provided a way and again we are just so grateful and thankful.
Some Israel pictures.

Brennan standing on the Mount of Olives looking into Jerusalem.

Brennan on top of Masada, with the Dead Sea in the background.

Jordan River

Sea of Galilee

Brennan was able to bring a rock home from the Sea of Galilee. It is in our living room and it is a reminder of Israel, the land where Jesus walked!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Complete Joy

Words by my little Sis:
For some reason this picture stood out to me....the part of the picture that is in focus is a dead flower, but you can see in the backround that something better is coming...a new flower...even better than the one before...
Even through the pain and tears...we have to hold on to the hope...that something better is coming...that one day, the pain will be gone.

I love her heart and am so proud of her. She hates that I brag about her too, love you sis!